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Organization of Democracy for the trough online participation (ODVA) or Office of E-democracy for the trough the Stockartist model
“Explanation is also an art form” J. Beuys

ODVA is an activist organization who works to broaden the number of people who influence in the decision of the importance of the artists in the art world and the decision of the quality and prices of the artworks, independently of the race, gender, nationality, social status or income. In other words it works for “the construction of the democracy in the Art world”. This idea is based in the next two cites: “all state power comes from the people”[1] and the absolute right of citizens to “free uncensored information”.
[1] Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung: Parlamentarische Demokratie 1, Informationen zur politischen Bildung Nr. 227, 1993 und Bertelsmann Discovery Lexikon 1997

In ODVA we believe that any person can make a valuable contribution to the contemporary art. And what is needed are just ways to motivate and to introduce them into the knowledge and the conscience that art world offers.

ODVA makes reference to the “Office for Direct Democracy trough Referendum” of Joseph Beuys.

The model of the ODVA is defined by the next points:

- It is based on the e-democracy and the participatory economics concepts

- It defines internet as the most suitable media to gather the daily decisions and information of the people who want to be part of it.

- The (Fine Art) Institution and (related Fine Art) Mass Media are also taken on count for the decisions.

- The institution, media and people has equal value in the decisions.

- All people have free access trough internet to a common repository to capture all kind of art and artists related information. This repository is free and openly used to find out the answers to questions related and the decisions about a democratic art world.

- It uses the Stockartist reference model to measure the decisions and importance of the artists including the people participation.


The main objective of the ODVA is to facilitate and support ideas, projects and initiatives in order to build a democratic art world.

ODVA offers two main services: One is to promote and encourage people to use the Stockartist model. And the second one is to become in an informational and educational centre for people interested to participate in the decisions of the contemporary art.

How to participate?

ODVA offers for every person in the world with internet access, ways to become an activist and participant in the construction of a democratic art world. These forms are:

- Becoming a member of the ODVA has no cost. Just register in the website and participate actively in the decisions of art world using the proposed mechanisms like the Stockartist model. You can invite other people to participate also!

- Create information-sites in your local city, as educational site for contemporary art, art market and art democracy. ODVA provide tools to help you to build your site. Here are some steps you can follow.

- As artist you can be an important part of the democracy process. Artists can create an art work based on the Stockartist model. Click here for more information.

- Gallery owners and art institutions can become in promoters and constructors of the democratization of the art world also, selling in their spaces artworks based in the Stockartist Model.

- You can also donate objects (art works for example) to promote the use of the Stockartist (click here for more info) or make your donations in cash to help us improve our internet initiatives and provide a better service (click here to donate). Or you can buy Stockartist shares then you become in partner and co-owner of this project (click here to buy).

- We need volunteers to help us with many tasks to keep building the democratization of the art world. Click here for more info.

- Participate in this forum with your ideas, suggestions and good energy. Any comments please write an email to

Of course we are open to ideas, projects, suggestions, discussions,, etc in order to improve our system and reach our goals. This are the ways of communicate with us:


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