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Become in Investor and Partner of Stockartist

How ?
StockArtist pull out a set of 60,000 stocks that represents the 30% of the total capital of the company with a launching prince of 5 Euros. Givng a total value 300,000 Euros. This capital will be invested in the next tasks:

1. Improve the website
2. Develop the social network and mobile applications for Stockartist (facebook, iphone, ipad, etc.)
3. Open the three physical galleries for Stockartist artworks based. (Berlin, London and NYC)
4. Prepare the next round of investment

You can support Stockartist and become in investor and partner of this unique art business model that will revolutionate the art world.
Becoming in partner of Stockartist you will get:

1. A legal certificate of your acquire.You will be officially partner and owner of Stockartist. Monthly you will receive a report with the advances of Company
2. A Stock Certificate (Stock Bond) with the number of shares you have acquired created by the artist DHAdmann.
3. You can make profits selling again the stocks in a secundary market.
4. 50 pageviews for your ads or 50 DVM to play on the Stockartist Model or interchange for real objects in the Stockartist Object Market

You can acquire your Stockartist artstocks here:

Go acquire!

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Kathrin Bauer
"Kathrin Bauers Rauminstallationen ähneln einer..." - Nadine Söll
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Angel Santiago Plata
"La pintura de Angel Santiago Plata se produce desde ..." - Jose Marin Medina
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