My work turn around the "art market", fame, fine art celebrities, the research of alternative spaces and how more people could participate or influence in the art world. I'm in the quest to find an answer of the question of how any person, independently of his social position, knowledge on art, race, country, etc., could influence in the decisions of the definition and building of the art market and/or the art world.

On my artworks I search to include an emphatic language for all kind of people, used by the common mechanisms of the society. Not as a "beautification" of the product, like IKEA does (I mean using design). But usign hidden machines that move people behavior, money, speculation, fame, etc. This is what I call “mechanitism” (soon I will publish the manifest of it).

****La Biennale de Querétaro 2011****
I'm sorry Mr. Damien
Unpredictable Gallery Remaster
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