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National Centre For Contemporary Art Saint-Petersburg Branch (I) Artstocks
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The formula to calculate the price of the ArtStocks in the Reference Market is based on real information And this is made considering the next five index:.

Internet recognition: This is calculated based on the main art guides on internet.
Art Criticism recognition: This is calculated based on the information published in the main art magazines.
Primary market index: This is calculated based on the exhibitions, biennals, artfairs and other events of the primary market.
Secondary market index: This is calculated based on the turnover of artworks auctioned in the main auction houses.
Democratic index: This is calculated based on the number of votes, trafic and artstocks transactions that the artlovers have on this website.

1.02 VM
1.02 WM    2011-03-13
1.00 VM    0000-00-00
1.00 VM    2007-08-01



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